JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: Aug. 13, 2017

Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Kirk Gibson… MACINTYRE PAYS: According to a Sports Illustrated story, Colorado footb…

JOE BIDDLE: Training camp a start

Offseason expectations have exploded for the Titans. Look for them to have the best season of any in recent years.

JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: July 9, 2017

Joe talks about a QB making an NFL comeback, longing for a list of ‘best sports cities’ to return, and a longtime on-air personality returni…

JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: July 2, 2017

With topics ranging from Predators and Titans signing free agents, Peyton’s perfection, a Stoops becoming a head coach and other things, Joe…

JOE BIDDLE: Jim Fyke died fighting

He was a fixer who had all the answers with no ego attached. He was a listening post. He knew everyone who was anyone in the Nashville area.

JOE BIDDLE: Happy days here again

The two franchises have stable front offices and coaches that know what they are doing and recent records prove it.


It was the first time in the Predators history to advance past the second round of postseason play.

JOE BIDDLE: Preds even the score

It worked two games in Pittsburgh and Nashville returned the favor in what was an impressive back-to-back wins in Smashville.

JOE BIDDLE: Home, sweet home

After a slow start in the first period, the Predators unleashed a scoring fury that the Penguins couldn’t recover. P.K. Subban may have beco…