Gallatin gas station sells bad gasoline, customers want answers

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) –  A Gallatin gas station shuts down its pumps, and customers want answers. Some claim the station sold bad gasoline, causing thousands of dollars in damage to cars.

Tabatha Kemp is stuck in a rental car these days. She met with News 2 on Hartsville Pike, across the street from L&R Market, where she was a proud customer till two weeks ago.

“I went to fill up gas like always, I’ve always gone there,” Tabatha explained. “Soon as i got to Castalian Springs, because i live in Hartsville, my car was jumping and jerking and just not acting right.”

A quick trip to the mechanic confirmed her fears. Tabatha was told there was water in her gas tank, and it turns out she’s not alone.

The Department of Agriculture tells News 2 they’ve had three recent complaints, which prompted an inspection.

A lab analyses found that L&R’s fuel ‘failed the phase separation test and workmanship test, which usually indicates water in the fuel.’

That issue can kill a car, and clean out your wallet.

We caught up with Daniel Paul, a Shop Foreman at Smartt Auto Repair, who explained what damage can occur

“You’d notice the engine reduce power, start misfiring, check engine light will  start flashing, and the car will end up dying,” said Daniel. “It’s a lot of work, because we have to take all the fuel lines loose, take the fuel tank out, drain it, clean it – I think last one we done, it was upwards of $1,000.”

Tabatha says she’ll be paying at least that.

She’s now holding out hope that her repair bill will be picked up by L&R.

“I spent $9 in gas, and it’s gonna be, right now, over a thousand,” Tabatha added. “I was mad, I’m a single mom, I have one check, so it was really tough cause I can’t, I don’t have that extra money.”

News 2 spoke with an employee of L&R market, who said the fuel is controlled by BP, and asked that we reach out to them.

We still await comment from BP.

The Department of Agriculture will be back out to re-inspect the market, in the next few weeks.