Fairview could be next “it” city

(Photo: WKRN)

FAIRVIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) – Home prices in Williamson County are high compared to surrounding counties. In fact, the average home price last quarter was more than $400,000! But one place in Williamson County that’s still affordable and growing is Fairview.

There’s a tranquility in Fairview that people who live there know all too well– and others are starting to notice.

“It’s a beautiful little town and it’s close to everything you want to be close to,” said Fairview resident Bethany McCullough.

She and her family have lived there for years, and have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“I like the school system for my two kids and they have this wonderful nature park with tons of little activities to offer. It’s small town living but close enough to Nashville and everything you want to be close to in Franklin and you can hop on I-40 easily and 840 and take Highway 100 and it’s just a peaceful town,” McCullough told News 2.

Matt Daniel, President of the William County Association of Realtors, says growth is picking up not only because of the convenient location and school system, but also because of cost.

Daniel said, “I think Fairview’s the next place because of the growth that has happened in the Middle Tennessee area with Franklin leading the charge, Brentwood right there with it, things have gone south to Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station area and now we’re just kind of busting at the seams and we need to go out west. And that’s been the push is more affordable land is heading out that way.”

He says you should be able to get about five acres of land in Fairview for about $100,000 to $125,000.

“In the Franklin and Brentwood market, that’s going to be considerably more, probably double, so land is still very affordable for Williamson County in the Fairview area,” Daniel said.

And commercial property is still affordable too.

Daniel said, “Commercial properties in the area are still kind of entry-level commercial pricing.”

You’ll also find some of the same amenities in Fairview that you’ll find in larger cities.

“They are coming that way and more so every day you get the large grocery stores, the Publix, the Kroger’s are heading that direction, Walmart and places like that. Shopping, you’re not having to come into Franklin or go to a neighboring county to do the shopping that you once did 5 to 10 years ago,” said Daniel.

So if you’re looking for a small town that still has everything you need, and that’s getting even more by the week, Fairview is definitely a place to consider.

Daniel also says that for about $300,000, you should be able to get a half acre lot, with an 1800 to 2200 square foot house with hardwood floors and granite countertops, and a 2 car garage.

He believes one reason growth in Fairview isn’t happening faster is because of the same reason it’s not happening faster in a lot of other outlying areas. There aren’t enough sub-contractors, and it’s becoming more difficult to get people to show up for work every day.

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