Emails show exchanges between former Mayor Barry, her head of security

Robert Forrest (Courtesy: and Megan Barry (Photo: WKRN)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Over 1,000 pages of emails shows conversations between ex-mayor Megan Barry and her former head of security, Sgt. Rob Forrest.

News 2 obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was fulfilled Tuesday.

The emails show that Barry often forwarded email conversations she was having with other people to Sgt. Forrest, including those with Chief of Police Steve Anderson and Councilwoman-At-Large Sharon Hurt.

One email Barry forwarded is from the Metro Parks Department. The grounds maintenance person writes that his crew is at the City Cemetery every day at the request of the mayor inspecting for damaged stones, limbs and homeless activity.

“We are there daily at the request of the mayor,” he writes. “We found more vandalism Friday and today.”

Mayor Barry would, at times, start her day at the cemetery on Fourth Avenue South. News 2 obtained surveillance video of her government-issued vehicle going into and leaving the cemetery on several occasions.

At the time News 2 aired the video, Barry’s press secretary, Sean Braisted, said Barry liked to start her day there to clear her head. He also said she reported issues of vandalism and the emails show that is the case.

In another email forwarded to Sgt. Forrest, Barry shows she recommended his daughter for the Women in Government leadership program. The former mayor was a 2017 honoree.

The Women in Government website shows women are chosen for the program based on their accomplishments and on personal recommendations.

Macy Amos, Forrest’s daughter is also a Metro attorney. The former mayor had recommended her for that position as well.

“She would be an excellent addition to the next class,” Barry wrote.

The emails show that former mayor Barry had known about Sgt. Forrest’s retirement on January 16, the day before he wrote a letter to the Chief of Police.

The emails also show she wanted pictures from Forrest’s phone before he left.

“Please work with Rob to download the pictures he has on his phone,” the former mayor wrote. “He’s taken tons of photos since I came into office and I want to make sure we are capturing.”

TBI search warrants showed that Forrest had nude photos of Barry on his phone but there’s no indication she knew they were on there.

Barry told News 2 at the time the search warrants were released that if there were nude photos of her they were taken without her permission.

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