‘On the Prowl’ with Kayla Anderson: P. K. Subban and Blueline Buddies

(Photo: WKRN)

Nashville Predators Defenseman P.K. Subban is known for his success on the ice. He’s one the most recognized and talented players in the league, but he’s just as well known for what he does off the ice.

Coming into this season, Subban decided he wanted to give back to the Nashville community in some way, but he wanted to be different. He came up with Blueline Buddies, a program that brings together underprivileged youth with local law enforcement. Subban has several friends who are police officers and felt like he could do something to help bridge the gap.

“I have some great relationships with law enforcement and working with kids and why not give kids the opportunity to come the games and have experiences like this,” said Subban.

For every home game, Subban treats an underprivileged youth with an officer with tickets to the Predators game. On this night, it was 11-year-old Travon Hayes who joined fellow Nashville Police Officer Randy Heinze and Detective Audrean Manquero.

Officer Heinze, “Just fantastic that he’s trying to reach out and get more people in here that are able to connect.”

Before the game, they met Subban and got some autographs and then it was up to the Patron Platinum Club where the group enjoyed full buffet.

After a Predators win over the Dallas stars, the trio met up with Subban one more time and it was apparent that Travon made some new friends.

“I found out where he lives he actually lives in an area I patrol regularly so I’ll be by his house quite often,” said Heinze.

Detective Manquero added, “I think I won over Travon talking about football, video game and I think I swayed him over to hockey.”