Historic North Nashville neighborhood on alert after break-ins

(Photo: WKRN from surveillance video)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors in the historic Buena Vista neighborhood in North Nashville are on alert after two break-ins were reported on 9th Avenue North over the weekend.

Homeowner Glenda Mattox said she came home Saturday night and found her back door busted down, her home ransacked with mattresses thrown about, drawers pulled out, and clothing tossed everywhere. Mattox said her jewelry and personal documents were gone.

“I lost my personal identity, tax documents, passwords, security questions, jewelry,” said Mattox.  “Things that had been handed down from my grandmother, from my great aunt, things that are not replaceable.”

At a nearby home a man was caught on a security camera breaking in. Austin Rexroat and Holly Osborne said they saw three suspicious men.

“When we were leaving our house, we noticed three males across the street,” said Osborne. “As we were getting into our Uber to go downtown, we thought well that’s weird they’re sitting there watching us leave.”

The couple said their home was torn apart, but nothing appeared to be missing when they returned.

“I think the alarm going off did its job. We have a doorbell camera, so it was pretty obvious, he looked straight into the camera, so I mean we have his face,” said Osborne.

Despite the mini crime-spree, neighbors say they have always felt safe here.

“Yes, our house was broken into, but we still feel very safe here because our neighbor called 911 before we did,” Osborne said. “She heard it, she saw him leave, so I think being in a community like that and being really close with your friends and your neighbors is really something that helped us.”

Neighbors are taking proactive measures to make the community safer. They’re creating a neighborhood watch group, reinforcing doors and adding more lighting to the area.

If you have any information on these break-ins, contact our partners at Nashville Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME.