Cars taking a beating from potholes

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As the pothole problem worsens across Tennessee, many drivers are learning the craters can be costly.

Countless drivers have experienced serious damage to their cars from unforgiving potholes on state and local roads.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care in Brentwood, they’ve been fixing all kinds of damage from potholes.

Store manager Tim Ruffin has seen it all.

“It can bend your wheels. So if you ever get out and see a nick or a bend or a bubble on your sidewall, please get it to your nearest car care provider and get it looked at,” Ruffin said. “It can throw your alignment out. If you hit them hard enough, they can cause issues to front-end suspension.”

A popular target for drivers to pick on is I-440 in Nashville.

Britt Latham’s daily commute includes the rapidly deteriorating highway.

“If you’re talking about potholes, 440 has been my biggest enemy,” said Latham.

He’s noticed you have to look out for potholes and those drivers trying to avoid hitting the holes.

“So there’s two dangers. There’s hitting the potholes. When it’s busy rush hour traffic, you can’t really see it coming up,” he said. “The second is the person who’s trying to avoid it. It’s crowded, there’s people on either side of you, and they’re trying to swerve. That adds to it.”

Ruffin offered some advice to drivers on how to avoid a costly repair.

“You want to keep a good distance between you and the driver in front of you,” said Ruffin. “Just to give yourself space in case there is one, so you can try and slow down.”

TDOT has crews out patching potholes this weekend, with one crew dedicatedly solely to I-440.

To report potholes on Tennessee highways, call 615-350-4400.

To report potholes on Metro secondary roads, call 615-862-5000.