Tenn. Democrats hope Republicans join in bump stock bill

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee Capitol Hill Democrats plan to push hard on a bill that would greatly limit the devices used by the Las Vegas shooter to make his weapon fire faster, but it’s just starting to get attention from Republicans.

“No one of past conviction of a violent nature may be able to purchase these devices,” said Rep. Dwayne Thompson, who is sponsoring the bill in the Tennessee House.

It’s just one part of his bill that comes in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy last fall.

Calls then came swiftly to ban the device the shooter used to make his semi-automatic weapons fire faster, but nothing happened in Washington.

Tennessee Democrats hope to change that with action here.

“Instead of an outright ban, it requires registration by the Department of Safety and semi-automatic weapons with bump stocks attached may only be fired in license shooting ranges,” explained Thompson

President Trump tweeted about a bump stock ban Thursday, urging Congress to act as part of other gun proposals.

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Tennessee State Republican leaders Thursday had not heard much about either the president’s tweet or the Democrats’ bump stocks bill.

While retiring Republican Senate Caucus Chair Bill Ketron agreed with the president about an outright ban, or an end to bump stock sales, not all the Capitol Hill GOP leaders were as quick with agreement.

“It’s not a partisan issue,” said Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris. “I know that people might like to make it a partisan issue. We just need to take it up in whatever is the best way possible.”

The House does plan to take up the bump stock issue next week in a subcommittee.