Study finds Tennessee tops list of ‘Angriest States’

(Photo: WKRN)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – What you’re about to read may make you angry. In fact, if you live in Tennessee, a study shows that it probably will.

A recent study by the financial website WalletHub found that the Volunteer State is the angriest state in the country.

To determine rankings, WalletHub looked at a few different factors, including:

  • Violent crimes per capita
  • Sex offenders per capita
  • Bully rate
  • Hate-crime incidents per capita
  • Hate groups per capita
  • Share of maltreated adults (measures the prevalence of rape, physical abuse and stalking among men and woman by an intimate partner)
  • Share of maltreated children (measures the prevalence of physical, psychological or sexual abuse among children)
  • Share of hostile internet comments
  • Discrimination case filed
  • Number of mass shootings
  • Share of elder abuse

Using that methodology, Tennessee came in first place, a full six points ahead of second place Kentucky. Alaska and Mississippi make up the top five angriest states.

Knoxville fared a bit better, ranking as the 42nd angriest city in the country. Charleston, West Virginia; St. Louis, Missouri., Lewiston, Maine; Burlington, Vermont.; and Orlando, Florida were the five angriest cities.

The least angry states were Hawaii, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota and Utah.

Tennessee also ranked  No. 15 for “Most Jealous,” No. 3 for “Excesses and Vices,”  No. 20 for “Greed,”  No. 11 for “Lust,” No. 21 for “Vanity” and No. 15 for “Laziness.”

Knoxville ranked No. 10 for “Excesses and Vices” and No/ 17 for “Vanity.”

Read the full study here.