Murfreesboro’s first roof-top bar to open in downtown later this year

(Courtesy: Christy Hackinson)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – We could soon see a taste of Nashville in Murfreesboro with live music and the city’s first roof-top bar.

The owners of Alley on Main will soon be building a new venue and it’ll be the latest business to call downtown home.

The Alley on Main restaurant is known for its homemade food and friendly and cozy atmosphere.

“You see people shaking each other hands, patting each other on the back and we want to bring that warmth to our other venues as well,” said Alley on Main owner, Christy Hackinson.

The vacant lot next to the Alley on Main will soon be transformed into a new two-story building called The Riser Room.

“That will have a couple different concepts,” Hackinson said. “We’re going to have a fast casual lunch concept on the downstairs that will open for lunch only. At night, we’re hoping to have live performance, live touring acts, comedians – things of that nature.”

The Riser Room will also offer Murfreesboro’s first roof-top bar.

(Photo: WKRN)

“We want to offer the same kind of entertainment that you can have in Nashville right here in downtown Murfreesboro, where you can stay close to home and you don’t have to pay for an Uber, or for parking. You got everything here,” said Hackinson.

Downtown Murfreesboro is booming and renovations are currently underway for a new law office and bank.

“I really feel like the downtown is what makes the heart of the community,” Hackinson said. “We have people walking around, people you see every day and it really kind of bonds a community together I feel like.”

Even though downtown merchants are competitors, they are family first.

“The more businesses we can get downtown, the better it’s going to be everybody,” said Hackinson. “We really want to help make downtown Murfreesboro a destination, a place go for shopping, a place you come out to eat.”

Other business owners are buying store fronts and holding on them until they decide what to open up next.

As for the Alley on Main, business is better than ever.

“The Alley is going to stay exactly as it is. We just bought our business; we’re here to stay,” Hackinson said.

The venue will also offer event space for wedding receptions, private parties, business dinners and more.

Ground breaking for the Riser Room is expected in early May, and an opening date later this year.