Police: Nashville man charged with beating truck with 2×4, charging at officer

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(Graphic: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man in Davidson County is facing multiple charges after police say he charged at an officer and beat his truck with a wooden 2×4.

This all started on the corner of Highway 70 South and Old Hickory Boulevard Friday when an officer says he heard Aaron Buckner “laying on his horn” and saw him tailgating the car in front of him.

According to his arrest affidavit, the officer says, “at one point, it appeared that {Buckner} bumped that vehicle from behind with his vehicle.” The officer reported Buckner then took off through a fast food parking lot, turned onto Highway 70 South, lost control of his truck, went off road and then stopped at green light blocking traffic.

Bucker began beating his truck with a 2×4, according to the affidavit. The officer says Buckner then drove to a gas station, got out of the car with his pants down and started yelling at traffic.

The officer says Buckner spotted him and yelled for him to get out of his car. When the officer got out, he says he told Bucker he was a police officer and ordered him to get on the ground. The officer says Buckner refused and as the officer tried to handcuff him, the officer reported, “Buckner, standing at 6’7″ tall and weighing 230 pounds, pulled away from me and charged at me. I administered a dose of chemical spray to Buckner’s face. Buckner then ran to his truck and sped away.”

Other officers caught up with Buckner at a nearby apartment complex and were able to detain him. Buckner was on the ground near the entrance of the apartment when he said, “There’s a worm, I need to eat that worm” and started “eating the mulch.”

It took “several officers” to get Buckner into the patrol car, according to the affidavit.

Police found two “fold-over shotguns” in his truck. Officers say he “displayed signed of being under the influence of an intoxicant, signs of paranoia and signs of excited delirium.”

Bucker was booked into the Metro jail and charged with Resisting and Evading Arrest, Public Indecency, Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication.