Rain causes road to collapse four months ago, still not fixed

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A road has partially collapsed in an Antioch neighborhood and it hasn’t been fixed in four months.

“Back in October my son and I were sleeping and we heard a big boom,” said homeowner Mildred Settles. “We thought it was thunder.”

The next morning, Settles found the road that runs behind her Antioch home in the Ridgeview neighborhood had collapsed. According to Metro Water Services, the ground under the road had eroded after a big rain. Settles says the erosion is only getting worse.

“When it rains real hard the water will collect back there and it will stay for several days until it goes wherever it goes,” Settles told News 2.

The homes in the neighborhood were built by Parkside Builders but Anchor Investments owns the land. Parkside Builder says it’s Anchor’s job to fix the road.

According to an email forwarded to us by the council woman for that district, Jacobia Dowell, Anchor Investments had plans drawn up to fix a retaining wall that had collapsed, which then caused the road to also collapse. However, they said the company they hired to fix it has been booked up.

Council Lady Dowell wrote back, “This is unacceptable. Four months is plenty time to come up with a better solution than to allow it to remain in this condition. All the storm drains are clogged with mud and sediment.”

Mildred Settles hopes it’s fixed soon. She worries every time she drives in and out of her garage that the road will further collapse.

We checked and there are no open Metro Codes violations for either Parkside Builders or Anchor Investments. Both businesses licenses are valid and up to date as well.

Metro Water Services says there is a meeting on Thursday between city leaders and the land owners to hopefully speed up the fix.