Police: 4 Wilson County students charged after investigation into school threats

(Photo: WKRN)

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Four students have been charged after an investigation into school threats in Wilson County.

In the last 24 hours, Wilson County investigators said they’ve charged four students while investigating threats at three high schools.

“The incidents in Florida, and Marshal County, Kentucky. Both incidents caused alarm and got everyone on the edge of their seat and rightfully so,” said Lt. Scott Moore with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department.

At Wilson Central High School, two students were charged for making threats toward other students, as well as towards the school.

“They stated they didn’t have intent to carry out the threat, but in a situation like that we are going to take it seriously and that is no joking matter,” said Lt. Moore.

Investigators said two students at Mt. Juliet High School were cited after joking about bringing explosives to a pep rally that was scheduled for Friday.

“Their intent was not to do harm but we stepped in. It’s no joking matter. All these are related to the Florida situation,” said Moore.

Graffiti on a bathroom stall at Lebanon High School caused some concerns.

The perceived threat was cleaned up quickly and police are still investigating who wrote it.

“At one point we had a student call 911 and say shots fired. False. Didn’t happen,” said Lt. Moore.

News 2 also confirmed that a .22 caliber bullet was found on a Wilson County school bus. This incident is also being investigated and bus video is being reviewed.

“Look across the state, country, since Florida you see the same thing. See something say something. If you see a pic of a gun or a threat, instead of sharing it and retweeting it, you need to contact law enforcement,” said Moore.

Wilson County Schools released a statement about the threats.

We applaud the students who’ve stepped up this week to report various threats, and we commend the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, along with our own staff, for being vigilant during this unprecedented time. In the wake of this week’s horrible tragedy in Florida, it’s disheartening to see this kind of behavior demonstrated by our students. Hopefully, these arrests will serve as a reminder of how seriously we are taking all threats of violence.

A student was also charged in Christian County for making a comment about “shooting up” Christian County High School.