Facebook leads Murfreesboro nurse to her kidney donor

(L) Leah Elliott and Wendy Shirey (R)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Murfreesboro nurse is home resting, after receiving life saving surgery. She’s now sending out a message, hoping Middle Tennesseans understand the importance of being a living donor.

After 25 years in the medical field, Wendy Shirey’s on medical leave.

“I’m really sore – I don’t get the staples out till next week,” she explained. “Other than that, everything’s wonderful.”

By her side on Friday, was Leah Elliott, who one month earlier donated her kidney.

The path that brought these two together is surely unique, combining Facebook, corn stalks, and a pumpkin patch.

It started with the pumpkins, which were the brain child of Leah’s husband.

“He calls me and says honey, I want to open up this pumpkin patch,” said Elliott. “When you have a business, you have to have Facebook. So I did something else I said I would never do, and I started a Facebook account.”

The patch needed decorations of the corn variety, and as it turned out, Wendy was needing to unload.

“We have a little ‘Lascassas Famous’ Facebook page,” Shirey said. “And I advertised corn stalks for sale.”

“I messaged [Wendy], and went and bought corn stalks,” added Elliott. “Had no idea she was sick.”

Wendy was very sick, suffering from kidney disease for the last 20 years.

News 2 last met with Wendy in December, with her kidneys functioning at an all time low.

Her family sounded the alarm, spreading word and fliers around town.

The news would later reach Leah.

“I saw she needed A-blood, or O-blood,” Elliott explained. “I was like, I’m A-blood!”

Leah contacted Vanderbilt Medical Center, and a match was soon made.

The two underwent surgery one month ago, and were brought back together on Friday.

Wendy says she’s forever indebted to Leah, and hopes this story emphasizes the importance of living donors.

“It’s very important,” she said. “It’s my life, she saved my life.”

Early results show the new kidney is fully functioning for Wendy.

Anyone interested in being a living donor, can click here.