Franklin sees spike in car burglaries outside of gyms

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Many times crimes of opportunity can hit the hardest. If you’re not expecting them, you can become the target.

Gym burglaries are picking up in Franklin, but police want to make sure the next burglar doesn’t pick you.

You see a parking lot, rows of cars, people rushing to the door to escape they rain. They see an opportunity, hoping to take advantage.

“They are there watching and waiting,” says Franklin Police Lieutenant, Charles Warner. “They see a woman take her arm down by the floor board, they know she just stowed her purse.”

Car break-ins outside of gyms are spiking right now. Police are seeng more of them because people, mostly women, are leaving their bags behind.

“If you go to Walmart or the mall you’re going to take your purse with you because you’re going to spend money,” Warner says. “People arent going into gyms to spend money.”

A gym bag isn’t a purse, thieves take note of that. And sometimes people make it too easy.

“They actually sit there in the parking lot, they wait for you to get out of your car, they see you go in empty handed, walk over, take a look inside your car,” says Warner. “They see the purse laying there, you’re inside working out, they’re going to break your window and steal your purse.”

Avoid becoming a victim by parking in a high traffic part of the lot. If possible, choose a space near a light, or the gym entrance. Take the purse or wallet with you. And if you’re going to, or coming home from work, bring your laptop or any business equipment inside.