Potholes pop up on Nashville roads after barrage of rain

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) –  The recent rainfall has helped create potholes across many Tennessee highways this weekend.

TDOT crews were called in Saturday to temporarily patch dangerous sections of interstates in Nashville. But by Sunday, the same potholes were becoming problematic again.

Sunday morning, multiple cars suffered flat tires and bent rims due to large potholes that formed on Interstate 40 along the south loop of downtown Nashville.

Quennise Giles was late to church Sunday morning after she hit a pothole. She had a flat tire and possible rim damage.

“There’s several potholes. I tried to avoid them, but my right front tire hit a major one,” Giles told News 2. “I heard it blow.”

Giles says she thinks the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) should do more to care for the roads.

“I think TDOT needs to do a better job of making sure our roads are safe,” Giles said. “We’re tax-paying citizens, and it’s your responsibility to make sure we’re safe.”

TDOT blames the craters on this weekend’s barrage of rain and fluctuations in temperature.

When it’s this cold out, all crews can do is temporary patch potholes to get through the winter.

But many of the problem areas are set to be resurfaced this summer, including the downtown south loop from Church Street to Fesslers Lane, Vietnam Veterans Parkway and I-24 northwest of Nashville.

I-440 will undergo a massive three year, $100 million project to tear out the concrete and replace it with asphalt. That job could begin in late summer 2018.