Multiple Middle Tennessee school districts close due to illness

(AP Graphic)

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — More than 10 school districts are closed across Middle Tennessee because of illness, in most cases, the flu.

For the second day, Wilson County Schools are closed Friday. Attendance rates are typically around 95 percent district wide however this week, that rate is closer to 91 percent. In some parts of the district, like Watertown, the attendance rate is near 80 percent.

A district spokeswoman said more than 100 teachers called in sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. District staff made the decision to close Thursday and Friday to give teachers and students a chance to get better, and to help stop the spread of sickness.

Statewide, schools have been closing, as we continue to move through a more aggressive flu season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the flu season will last a few more weeks. It reports this year’s stand of the virus has been particularly dangerous for kids. In Tennessee, 6 children have died. Nationwide, more than 50 children have died from the flu.

Although most of the flu season is behind us, doctors still advise getting the flu shot. The vaccine is less effective this year but doctors encourage it still provides potentially life saving protection.

The Metro Public Health Department in Nashville is offering free flu shots while supplies last.