Police: Man caught with drugs, money after citizen’s phone call

(Courtesy: Lebanon Police Department)

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A simple call to police may have stopped a multitude of drug deals in Lebanon.

On Jan. 20, a store clerk found a man, Clifford Perez, semi-conscious in his mustang.

The speedway clerk called the police to get them involved.

“There’s a guy parked in the front in a red mustang who is passed out, then he comes to, and then he’s like eyes all huge and stuff and he’s on some kind of drugs i don’t know,” the clerk told police.

(Courtesy: Lebanon Police Department)

Police arrived and found drugs and cash in the car with the 49-year-old.

Officers said Perez had a fanny pack with over $16,000 in cash, as well as crystal meth and pot stashed in a fake Dr. Pepper can.

“Yeah, over $16,000 in cash. Multiple items for us that kind of send a red flag for someone who is dealing or distributing, and this subject is not from the area, and we can only speculate why he was here, but we can pretty much tell what he was doing while he was here,” said Sgt. P.J. Hardy of Lebanon police.

Officers also checked Perez’s phone and found messages referencing drug deals and the price paid.

“With what we seized, money and drugs, and info we found on the phone, we ended quite a little enterprise he had going here,” said Sgt. Hardy.

Police said the arrest is only possible because citizens are willing to get involved.

“We need the citizens support the old addage, if you see something, say something. Exactly what this case was. And we probably prevented additional sales of narcotics and who knows whatever else in our community. This is a big deal, what we would consider on a larger scale. This is a big deal, it’s a win win for everybody, our community is much safer for it,” said Hardy.

Perez is currently in jail on $12,000 bond and is charged with possession for resale of marijuana and meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia.