Improved crosswalk helps pedestrians at Nashville’s most dangerous intersection

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s one of the most dangerous intersections in Nashville where there have been several pedestrian fatalities, and a countless number of people being hit by vehicles and injured.

We’re talking about Nolensville Road between Harding Place and Welshwood Drive.

After a man was hit and killed last July, local and state officials installed an improved crosswalk to help with safety.

(Photo: WKRN)

Charles Flag has hitchhiked from coast to coast and even in Canada, so he knows all about crossing dangerous multiple lane highways.

“I’ve always been extremely good crossing over in traffic,” Flag said. “I’ve never seen an area as dangerous as this Nolensville Road.”

Last July Flag saw his long-time friend get hit by a car and killed, so this new crosswalk has been an answer to his prayers.

“Probably the best God sends that could happen to this area on Nolensville Road,” he said.

That July pedestrian fatality was the final straw.

Metro Public Works and TDOT decided to improve the crosswalk with more visible signage, push button flashing lights, a safety island and more.

“I know for a fact that at least there has been three or four killed here crossing the highway,” Smith said. “It took those people to die to get this installed.

Smith has lived in the area for eight years and says he looks eight or nine times before crossing.

(Photo: WKRN)

“This is an everyday thing, people see these flashing lights so they think it’s a green light to kill somebody,” he said. “Anytime you across that highway your life is in anybody’s hands.”

Brenda Vega also lives in the area. She said Thursday she and her grandson were almost run over.

“I was right there I had pressed the button to cross, and we were ready to walk and then this car just flew by,” Vega said.

Pedestrians tell News 2 before the crosswalk, it was even worse.

“Aweful, aweful,” Flag said. “The cars would not slow down at all for anybody.”

There are MTA bus stops at this location, it’s the second busiest stop for city buses, so that’s why there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.