More subdivisions choose to build near offices to avoid rush hour traffic

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A lot of new office buildings are going up in Nashville, and in surrounding areas, like Franklin.

Developers say that’s because a number of subdivisions are being built closer to offices so employees don’t have to fight traffic to get to work every morning and home at the end of the day.

“Many companies today, when they’re considering a new office location, are either choosing to be downtown, or they’re choosing a more suburban location, such as Berry Farms,” explained Justin Braden with Lee Company.

Many new offices are being built with an open concept to create more of a team atmosphere.

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“The old stigma used to be to move into the corner office or to have a window office. Now, most of them are moving to, as you see here, interior offices, and that way a lot of the interior offices will have glass walls on them. It causes a collaboration environment to go on. You have people working in close proximity. It’s not the old cube form scenario that we used to have,” Braden said.

Developers say new technology is also being incorporated into new office plans.

Braden said, “We have many offices starting to use new technology such as new HVAC technology, which allows you to have higher ceilings, which allows you to have more open ceilings without cluttered up, rough end mechanical equipment up above you.”

Some offices are going another step further and adding cafeterias and showers.

“Employees, if they want to take a walk during the day, they can take a walk, and you’re closer to their homes, so you may have employees that bike into work. They can ride their bikes in, they can have a shower here, get ready for work,” Braden told News 2.

The reason for all of these advances is to build a stronger team.

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“These days we spend most of our waking hours at work,” Braden said. “We want the employees to enjoy what they’re doing, feel comradery and community in their work environment so that they enjoy coming to work.”

Because the construction market is extremely busy in the Nashville area, News 2 learned there’s a shortage of skilled labor in the industry.

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