Grandmother carjacked at Antioch Kroger while buying ice cream for birthday party

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NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) – It was a terrifying moment for a grandmother visiting Nashville for her grandson’s birthday when she was carjacked at gunpoint.

It happened at the Mt. View Kroger in Antioch Saturday night around 9:45 p.m.

Bonnie Naegele, 67, is still shaken. She never thought a quick trip to get some ice cream would end this way.

“It happened so quick,” Naegele told News 2.

She and her son-in-law stopped at Kroger to pick up ice cream for her 9-year-old grandson’s birthday party.

“I was just picking up some ice cream to go along with the cake,” Garland Robeson told News 2.

He ran inside while his mother in-law waited by the car, but only a few minutes later, the car was gone.

“I saw by the corner of my eye the light come on in my son in-law’s car, and I thought oh he’s back. So I opened the door and I looked in and there’s this young black guy with a grey hoodie, sitting in the drivers seat, no gloves on or anything, and I scream, ‘Get the hell out of here!’ and that’s when he pulls this grey or silver semi-automatic looked like a glock out of his hoodie,” Naegele explained.

(Photo: Submitted)

Fearful for her life, she took off running.

“At that point, I just ran towards Kroger screaming at the top of my lungs. When you see a gun pulled out on you, you run. My son in-law is coming down the isle with the ice cream, and I’m screaming your car was just stolen,” she told News 2.

Inside the car was Naegele’s purse filled with cash and her cell phone.

“Material things you can do without, but your life you can’t. I think he would have shot me, he didn’t care,” she said.

The grandmother says she is just thankful that all of her family is now home safely.

“You know, thank God I didn’t have any kids in the car with me. I didn’t have a kid strapped in a car seat in the back seat, and thank God my mother in-law is okay. Cars can be replaced, people can’t,” said Robeson.

About an hour after the carjacking, Kenetha Branch found Naegele’s wallet. It was not even a half mile away in the median of the entrance to Hickory Trace Apartments.

While the money was gone, all of Naegele’s cards were still there.

“That’s the kind of a silver lining in the whole problem is that someone rose to the occasion and did the right thing, so we were pleased to hear from her,” explained Robeson.

Branch tracked down the victims through Facebook and returned the wallet.

“She said I did my good deed for the year, and I was like, it’s not really a problem. I would want somebody to do that for me,” Branch told News 2.

The victims believe the suspects were watching the parking lot for potential cars to take. They say there was a white getaway car with tinted windows that followed the suspect after he stole their car.

There is still no trace of the stolen car, a white 2014 Mercedes four door. If you have any leads call our partners at Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.