Crews begin pothole repairs after 2 rounds of winter weather

(Photo: WKRN)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After snow and ice pummeled Middle Tennessee last week, potholes are starting to form on the roadways.

Potholes are formed as rain slips below the highway’s surface and freezes. As it freezes, it expands and when it thaws out and eventually evaporates, a space is left beneath the highway’s surface. The weight of vehicles then causes it to collapse, creating a pothole.

Crews have already begun repairing potholes that popped up from the last two winter weather events.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation asks that drivers be alert and watch for crews as they do the repairs.

“The first thing you’ll see is an arrow board on the shoulder, which is what we call a ‘shadow truck.’ It will be flashing caution, letting you know there’s something going on up ahead,” Roger Messenger with TDOT said.

He continued, “I would appreciate it if you would slow down and watch out for those guys because just as I send them out, I give my thanks to God that they get to come back to us.”

TDOT also said there will be trucks with arrows showing drivers which lanes to switch to as they maneuver around the pothole patrol crews.

Interstate 440 is just one of the roads that has experienced its fair share of potholes. TDOT officials said that particular interstate has more potholes than others because it is made of concrete instead of asphalt.

“I-440 is concrete, and it’s reached its surface life. It’s hard to patch concrete,” Messenger said.

I-440 is expected to undergo a makeover with major repairs starting this spring.

Crews will work on the roadways as needed throughout the winter.

To report a pothole on interstates or state roads, you can call TDOT at 615-350-4400. To report a pothole on secondary roads, you can call Metro Public Works at 615-862-5000.