JOE BIDDLE: Saturday Notes: Jan. 20, 2018

Jon Robinson (Photo: WKRN)

Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Percy Harvin . . .

SEARCH PARTY: Titans General Manager Jon Robinson has his hands full in trying to replace former Titans head coach Mike Mularkey.

There have been a string of candidates holding court with Robinson and it is apparent he is taking his time to find the one he can dance with.

New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels cannot interview with Robinson until after the Patriots play their final game. That could be after winning their third straight Super Bowl. McDaniels interviewed with the Colts before the Titans fired Mularkey. In the meantime Robinson has been sure he hasn’t missed anyone that could fit his criteria for the job, that is “a leader of men.’’

I would hope it would be an offensive coach that can get the best out of Marcus Mariota and dump Mularkey’s exotic smash-mouth system.

CLEAN TV SHOW: Parents that are tired of trying to find TV shows for their young kids, let me recommend “Child Support.’’ No, it’s not about deadbeat dads skipping child support payments.

Host Fred Savage asks an adult a question. If they answer 10 correctly, they get a six-figure check. They can stop at different intervals to either take what money they have earned or try to get to the next designated stop.

If the adult misses the question, Savage turns it over to Rickey Gervais in another room. He herds five young kids into seeing if any of them can provide the correct answer and bail out the adult. The kids steal the show. I laugh at not only their answers, but also their facial expressions. It’s on WKRN-Ch.2 on Fridays at 7 p.m.

SUPER PATS? If there has ever been an NFL team with as much drama as the New England Patriots, I don’t know of one.

This week, All-World quarterback Tom Brady’s throwing hand has been countless headlines. Did he hit it on a helmet and came away with six stitches in his throwing hands? If he says so.

If Deflate-gate was not enough, we had Spy-gate. Now hand-gate.

Brady has practiced this week with gloves on. It will be a game-time decision as to whether he wears a glove on his right hand, which would give him the late Michael Jackson look. Or could he play with both hands in gloves, or play without gloves but have his right hand wrapped to protect the stitches or will the 40-year-old Brady man-up and go gloveless.

When he was accused in getting someone to let air out of the game balls, I wrote at the time it wasn’t a big deal because Brady could use a Nerf-ball and beat everyone. Some have assumed Brady could throw left-hand against the Jaguars and beat them. After all the Titans beat the Jags twice this season, by a combined score of 52-26.

VEGAS ODDS: From Bovada oddsmakers, you can bet on which players makes the first touchdown in Sunday’s Patriots-Jaguars game.

New England’s Rob Gronkowski is favored at 5/1 followed by New England’s Dion Lewis at 6/1. Jacksonville’s running back Leonard Fournette goes off at 13/1 and Pats’ Brandin Cooks is 17/2.

Total completions for Tom Brady: Over/Under is 25½. Total passes attempted for Jags QB Blake Bortles over/under is 31½. And over/under total rushing yards for Brady is 1½. Stay clean, Tom.

Oh, you ducks: You’ve heard of the Disney Duck characters, Huey, Dooey and Looie. But can you guess their favorite restaurant in Nashville?

Has to be Chuy’s.

Joe Biddle is a sports columnist. He is also a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Contact him at