THP encourages drivers to call when they see a problem

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Driving in snow and ice can be scary when any vehicle speeds past you, especially when the vehicle is bigger than yours.

Scenes like the major crash on Interstate 40 from Friday have become too familiar in winter weather.

Lieutenant Travis Plotzer with the Tennessee Highway Patrol says he hasn’t seen any truck drivers speeding, but encourages other drivers to give them a call if they have a concern.

“It goes into a dispatch center and that gets routed out. What is beneficial to us is if the caller can give us a good description of the vehicle in question, a direction of travel, which way they were headed, but also their exact location where they’re at. That helps us get resources out to them. It might not be somewhere where we can’t’ a trooper to intercept it but we can pass it on to a local agency,” Lt. Plotzer told News 2.

You can call *THP, and that will get you touch with a dispatcher in your area.

Lt. Plotzer said that if troopers see there is a true problem, “appropriate action will be taken.”

He also said they have a very strong presence on the interstates in Tennessee, and they’re hoping that presence reminds drivers to slow down and be safe.