Don’t let your pipes freeze over as temperatures drop dangerously low

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – When the temperature drops, you may experience problems with heaters and pipes.

On Tuesday, no heat and frozen pipes seemed to be the major issues.

Because of hazardous driving conditions, heating and plumbing company officials are trying to keep their employees off of the roads unless there’s an emergency, which would be someone not having water or heat.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular area experiencing more problems than others. Reps from various companies told News 2 that technicians are being called all over Middle Tennessee.

We asked Jake Dotson, Director of Regional Operations for Lee Company, for 4 things you can do to help keep your pipes form freezing.

”The first thing you can do is open the cabinet doors to all the sinks to let the air circulate, and then the sinks that are farthest from the water heater in your home, go ahead and let those drip a little bit of water, and do it on both the hot side and the cold side, so if you have two handles on that faucet, go ahead and turn them on just a little bit, or if you have one, go ahead and let it drip,” he explained News 2.

“Also, go outside and disconnect water hoses that may still be connected. While you’re outside, go ahead and close those crawl space and foundation vents, and that’s going to keep any air from coming into those crawl space vents and hitting those pipes. I think we had 10 calls today on this. We have customers that are leaving their garage door open, and we’ve had a bunch of pipes that have frozen because that garage door has been open,” Dotson.

We also talked with a rep from Roscoe Brown who suggests going outside and checking your heat pump to make sure snow isn’t building up around your unit, and ice isn’t forming on or around it. That can cause strain on the unit, and cause it to stop running.

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