‘Titan 2 Step’: Nashville group drops new song, dance about Titans

(Courtesy: Nimisilla Park/YouTube)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s called the “Titan 2 Step.” It’s a song with a catchy tune and a dance to match– and it’s all about the Tennessee Titans.

“My partner and I got together and thought wouldn’t it be cool for us to come up with some kind of sonic battle cry for the Titans,” said Alton Hood with Nimisilla Park, one of the creators of the dance and song.

Nimisilla Park is made up of Hood and Michael Brown. They both love the Titans, and that’s one reason they created the song.

“Our whole point is to get the audience the Titans fan engaged, beating on their chest like they are King Kong and hopefully we can get some of the Titans doing it, too,” he told News 2.

Both Hood and Brown hope their song will continue to played at tailgates and watch parties in Nashville, but they said if one of the Titans did the “Titan 2 Step” after a touchdown or big play, they would be thrilled.

Either way, they say they are enjoying the Titans playoff run and are hoping for a big win on Saturday.

“That is right we are just really enjoying it and Titan up lets get titan tough!” said Hood.

As for a prediction on the game, Brown says it will be close but the Titans will get it done.

“16-13 Titans Go Titans beat the Pats we got it this is our year,” said Brown.

Click here to check out the “Titan 2 Step.”