Robertson, Sumner Counties prepare for winter storm

(Photo: WKRN)

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Robertson and Sumner Counties are among those getting prepped ahead of the storm.

Sumner County’s Highway Superintendent Judy Hardin told News 2 they have put brine down on key roads as an effort to get ahead of any problems.

All of their employees are on alert and trucks are ready to go when the weather strikes. They also have a full salt supply and are watching all forecasts to make key decisions.

Robertson County’s Highway Superintendent Delvin Hester said on Thursday, his crew had been focusing on making sure all their ice and snow removal equipment is up to speed and ready to go.

All staff is on alert for pending winter weather.

News 2 cameras also captured TDOT’s trucks filling up with salt at a salt barn in Springfield.

While state and local officials get ready for the storm, local residents were getting ready too.

“I wasn’t out of gas but I didn’t want to get stuck and not have gas,” said Brenda Mauritz. We met her at the Kroger Gas Station off Highway 11 where there were small lines accumulating; people waiting to get their fill. “Everybody’s trying to get ahead and I can see that.”

At the grocery store, there were also long lines.

“It is very crowded. I had to wait in line for a pretty good while to get checked out,” said shopper Linda Dowlen. “”I think it’s just the fear that we’re going to get snowed in and we’re going to need something and don’t have it.”

“I just wish I would’ve been smart enough years ago to open a bread and milk kiosk outside of every grocery store,” said shopper Tommy Garret. “The wife has been texting me all day that it’s going to snow so that’s why I’m here. I have toilet paper but I don’t have coffee or cola.”

Highway Superintendent Hester echoed what a lot of shoppers told News 2; they’re hoping for a few inches of snow rather than a significant amount of ice since ice is very difficult to maneuver in and get cleared away.

They are watching all the latest forecasts to see what changes might take place.

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