Amazing drone footage of LifeWay implosion

Courtesy: LifeWay

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One of Nashville’s biggest implosions is scheduled for demolition Saturday morning.

The Draper or Centennial Tower on the former LifeWay campus on 10th Avenue North is scheduled for demolition, and what’s to come is sure to not only change Nashville’s skyline but the view as you make your way into downtown.

“This will be the largest implosion in quite some time,” Charles Robert Bone the lawyer of the developer told News 2.

The building is part of a nearly 15-acre site that Southwest Value Partners from San Diego purchased more than 2 years ago.

“It’s been the site of a rail yard, a lumber yard, a stone yard, a marble yard and really when you think about it that site has evolved as Nashville’s commerce has evolved which makes us a really interesting and special site,” Bone explained.

The site now known as Nashville Yards spans from Broadway to the other side of Church Street. The plan, according to Bone, includes about 4 million square feet of new construction; office space, retail space, entertainment and hospitality with an almost 600-room hotel.

“AEG is going to acquire about a third of the property. They will put a 4,000 seat music venue on that, a bowling alley, they will have their own boutique hotel there, maybe some offices so you will see all these components and these pieces fit into place but it won’t be out of focus with what the rest of downtown looks like.”

Bone says some of the new buildings could be around 30 stories high, but that there will be a balance as they transform the 15 acres into a walkable; live, work, play environment and neighborhood.

“You’ll see a lot of open space, a lot of green space. We focused on connectivity for pedestrians and bikes, so it will not look out of focus with the rest of downtown,” he explained.

Bone says the project will re-imagine the gateway into downtown as Nashville Yards will make 10th Avenue into a double-decker street.

“This will reintroduce the introduction to downtown as you crest the hill and come into downtown.”

You can expect this site to be under construction for several years. The proposed $1 billion-plus Nashville Yards project also includes a regal movie theater and a Hyatt Regency.

Steve Pettigrew of demolition dynamics will be leading the charge for the implosion, which includes 600 pounds of explosives. He says it will detonate in about 7 seconds. There will be a 700-foot exclusion zone around the tower.

The groundbreaking celebration for the hotel begins at 8:45 a.m. with the implosion scheduled for 9:30 a.m. News 2 we will stream the entire event on Facebook.

Several streets downtown will close including:

  • 11th Avenue N., between McGavock and Grundy
  • 10th Avenue N., between Broadway and Commerce
  • 9th Avenue N., between Broadway and Church
  • Broadway between 8th Avenue N., and 12th Avenue N.
  • Church Street between Rosa L. Parks Blvd., and George L. Davis Blvd.
  • Commerce Street between 8th Avenue N., and 10th Avenue N.