Metro Water crews spend days fixing water lines across county

(Photo: WKRN)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Water Services workers have been putting in countless hours a day trying to keep up with all the busted water lines across the city, leaving many customers without water.

Longtime Joelton resident Tom and Shirley Cobble and their neighbors have been without water for almost two days.

“Well years ago we had well water, and we used the well water, but everything out here now, no one has the well hardly anymore and we are depending on the city, which we don’t have, and I know it’s making it very inconvenient to a lot of people,” Tom Cooble said.

Several water lines in the area broke after single digit temperatures the last few days. Metro Water workers repaired a line last night and was back at it today. They spend a few hours repairing the line on Ridge Road.

The Cobbles have a well, and they’ve been using that water to flush the toilet but store-bought water to cook and take a bath.

They grew up during a time where there was no running water, so they have been making do.

“It’s been inconvenient, but its nothing I’m not use to,” Shirley Cooble said. “I grew up without water, so it doesn’t bother me like it does other people that’s not use to it in my lifetime.”

Around 2 p.m. or so Wednesday afternoon, the water line was repaired and water was turned back on.

Once the water pressure makes it way back though the lines, folks in that area of Davidson County should have running water again.

Eugene Goodenough took all the necessary precautions Monday night when he heard the temperature would be dropping to single digits.

“Left the water dribbling in the kitchen sink just to keep the water moving in the pipes and I got up first thing Tuesday morning and the water wasn’t dribbling anymore so I figured something was wrong,” Goodenough said.

His daughter’s water next door wasn’t running either.

“We tried to find out from Metro what was going on and it’s kind of hard getting any answers because it was problems everywhere around Nashville,” Goodenough said.

Including up the street from his home on Ridge Road, where a water line burst, forcing Metro to shut off the water for more than a day and a half while crews make the necessary repairs.

“Since 7 o’clock yesterday morning, so 24, 30 something hours,” Goodenough said.

Goodenough also has horses who can be quite thirsty.

“Eight gallons for one horse and six for the other, you know, so since yesterday evening we’ve already used about 15 gallons of water in jugs for the horses,” he said.

Late this afternoon, crews repaired the line and turned the water back on.  It couldn’t have come a minute too soon for Goodenough.

“You don’t realize how much water you really use, every time you go to wash your hands off, you know, you eat something on a plate now the plate’s dirty and you want to rise it off ,” Goodenough said. “You can’t rinse it off then your hands are dirty, so you go, ‘Now what am I going to do so you use towelettes or something like that to keep your hands clean.”

Metro Water Services has a map which shows all the broken water mains where crews are making repairs. Click here to check it out.