What can you do to protect your home from frigid temperatures?

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As Middle Tennessee faces frigid temperatures, home supply stores have been quite busy as people are trying to find ways to protect their homes from the cold.

One of the easiest things you can do is put weather stripping around windows and doors. You’d be surprised how much cold air seeps in through the cracks.

“A product like this with the rubber foam, it’s a self-stick product, so typically speaking, this is going to be good for medium sized gaps. It is self-adhesive, so it works in a lot of different applications. Most people are going to use it for doors and windows,” explained Matthew Shorr, a Home Depot employee.

There are also what are called “shrink kits” that seal plastic over the inside of a window by shrinking it with a hair dryer. You can remove it when warm weather arrives.

A lot of people have also had problems with freezing pipes.

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“So the faucet covers are another very simple solution,” Shorr said. “They come in two versions. There’s the basic sweetshop version like this, and there’s also one that’s got a hard case on the outside of it.”

He continued, “All you essentially do is take the loop here, put it on your faucet head, and it is just a pull type situation. It will snug up right to it.”

There are also foam and rubberized pipe insulation that essentially pulls apart, too.

“The pipe slides inside of it and it’s a self-adhesive. It’s actually good for all year round. It’s one of those types of products that you put up and you can pretty much leave it up,” Shorr explained.

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To keep the cold air from getting to your pipes in the first place, you can cover the crawl space vents to under your house. Crawl space vent covers are available at most home supply stores.

And if you have been feeling a cold draft coming underneath your door, it might be time to change the door sweep. They’re easy to apply and just slide right on.

Of course, you can always save money by turning your thermostat down, 68 is the suggested temperature, and wear more clothing around the house

You should also turn the thermostat on your hot water heater down to the recommended 120°, and if it is in an area that gets cold, cover it with a water heater insulation blanket.

Earlier Tuesday, both the Nashville Electric Service and Tennessee Valley Authority were asking customers to conserve energy by cutting back on their home and commercial usage.

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News 2 checked with the two agencies, and here’s a look at the power usages peaks during the last month and week.

Nashville Electric Service:

  • Last week’s peak: 1,460 MW
  • Last month’s peak: 1,676 MW
  • Monday’s peak: 2,256 MW
  • Tuesday morning peak: 2,500 MW
  • All-time winter peak: 2,638 MW

You can see the spike in power usage just during the last few days.

(Graphic: WKRN)

News 2 also looked at the TVA power usage peaks and noticed a steady increase from Dec. 22 through 28 before a huge spike over the last several days.

As of Tuesday evening, the TVA said the energy supplies are returning back to normal and it’s no longer asking customers to cut back on usage.