Lawrence County family still afraid after bloody intruder ransacks home

Danny Hollis Jr. (Courtesy: Lewis County Sheriff's Office)

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Lawrence County family is still afraid to be in their own home after a bloody intruder ransacked it just before Christmas.

Misty Stover said she was making Christmas cookies with her two sons and two of their friends when it all happened on Dec. 18.

That’s when Danny Hollis Jr. broken into her home.

Danny Hollis Jr. (Courtesy: Lewis County Sheriff’s Office)

“He just come in the door – like he just walked in the door and I thought he might have been one of the kid’s friends or something,” Stover recalled. “I looked at him and I asked if they knew him and they said, ‘Uh, no.’”

Stover told News 2 that at the time, Hollis was bleeding from his hand and he drank from her kitchen faucet before sitting on her furniture.

She said she tried to remain calm despite being afraid.

“He sat on my chair, and I said, ‘Can you not sit on my chair? You are getting blood all over my stuff,’” she said.

She continued, “I was trying to talk to him and get him out of my house.”

(Courtesy: Misty Stover)

While in the house, Hollis is accused of throwing a heavy desk down the stairs, and while Stover and her kids are in the family car, he dove out of a second story bedroom and crashed into a gazebo.

He then reportedly went back into the Stover’s home, banged his head on a thick glass door and sliced his own throat with a kitchen knife, before running through a field where he got tangled in a barbed wire fence.

It was then, Stover said, that Hollis shed his clothes, and by the time police arrived, the 35-year-old was reportedly delusional, naked and covered with feces.


Authorities eventually took him into custody after video shows him falling onto the asphalt multiple times.aption id=”attachment_473171″ align=”alignright” width=”225″] (Courtesy: Misty Stover)[/caption]

Detectives later found out Hollis was reportedly high on meth mixed with bug spray.

Stover told News 2 before the Dec. 18 incident her home was the place where all the neighborhood kids came to hang out.

But now, she said that peace has been shattered and her children are afraid.

“I need to get these kids out of here,” she said. “You made this house – that was always a safe house, not safe anymore. My kids don’t even feel comfortable in their own home.”

Stover said there was so much destruction and blood, much of her furniture had to be thrown away.

Hollis remains in the Lawrence County jail.