Need a last minute gift? It could be as close as your back pocket.

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you’ve ever gotten a gift from someone and didn’t have anything for them, you know how embarrassing that can be.

But you don’t need Christmas magic to have a gift appear right before their eyes.

Just your smartphone and their email address.

Rather than an iTunes gift card, think about giving a movie or album of their favorite artist.

You can do this from your smartphone. Pick a movie then the share icon at the top right.

You’ll see the gift option at the bottom of the page. Enter their email address and Apple will send them a download link immediately.

Make sure they use an iPhone first. You can purchase books and magazine subscriptions from Amazon.

The trick here though is you cannot buy a Kindle book from a mobile device.

Amazon doesn’t allow it, so you’ll need a laptop for this. You can order an Amazon gift card from a phone and have it emailed to them.

My favorite gift idea is the gift of movies. MoviePass is an app and subscription that allows you to see 1 movie a day for just 10 dollars a month.

Give them 3 months, 6 or an entire year.

They’ll get an email immediately that you’ve given the gift. A few weeks later they’ll receive a debit card in the mail with instructions on how to use it.

Just go to a theater, pick a movie, then pay with the debit card. You can see up to 1 movie a day and most theaters.

So, theoretically you could give them the gift of 90 movie tickets for just 30 bucks.

You can do this pretty easily. Just slip off to the kitchen for another sausage ball or hot chocolate.

All you’ll need is their email address or phone number.