Tennessee Senators vote ‘yes’ to new GOP tax bill

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As some protestors waved signs urging him to vote “no”, Tennessee U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander told a suburban Nashville Rotary Club that Congress and President Trump are set to deliver Christmas presents to Tennesseans by reducing taxes and some healthcare premiums.

Democrats see the revamped Republican tax overhaul bill differently, but the version worked out between House and Senate negotiators now appears headed for approval with Tennessee Senator Bob Corker the latest “yes” vote announced Friday afternoon.

The protestors outside the Rotary Club signs urged the two Tennessee Senators to vote “no” for a variety of reasons, but neither would be swayed about the tax overhaul bill, which remained a moving target Friday with late changes to go along with its centerpiece of dropping corporate rates dramatically

“Maybe the most important part of the bill is the (part) to make American businesses competitive with the rest of the world,” Alexander told reporters before the speech. “And we are convinced this will get the economy growing and leave more money in the pockets of middle income Americans.”

Alexander was asked about getting his fellow Tennessee senator to go along with the tax overhaul before Corker said “yes” Friday afternoon.

“I had dinner with him two nights ago. He makes his own decisions. I care about the deficit too. I have just decided that the need for economic growth slightly outweighs the concern for the deficit,” added Alexander.

The senator is confident his own bipartisan Alexander-Murray health care bill to restore government cost-sharing payments to help lower income Americans will also be approved separately from the tax overhaul.

“Senator McConnell has pledged to put Alexander-Murray on the spending bill that will also pass next week,” said Alexander. “The President has said he will support it.”