Police impersonators at large after terrifying La Vergne home invasion

(Courtesy: La Vergne Police Department)

LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was a terrifying Thanksgiving for a La Vergne family when three men posing as cops forced their way inside their home and robbed them before leading police on a chase.

News 2 has obtained dash cam video of the high speed pursuit that ended in a crash and spoke exclusively to one of the victims, who asked that we not show her face or use her name.

The woman was in bed with her 12-month-old son when she heard a disturbing noise at the front door of her Tom Hailey Road home.

(Courtesy: La Vergne Police Department)

“I heard people and they were like, ‘Police, police!’ so I actually thought it was a police,” the victim said.

Impersonating police officers then kicked in the door. They went straight for the victim’s room.

“When I was in my bedroom, they were pointing at me with the rifle and I was like, you know, you think about it like I’m I going to die,” the victim said. “I was like I can’t move or they are going to shoot me.”

The robbers eventually brought her into the living room where they had forced her mother and father to the floor.

“It was a scary moment. Why is police coming to my door,” the victim said. “It was like three guys, they all had vest on, the police vests on, and they all had masks.”

The victim’s father was hit in the back of the head with a long gun. He suffered a cut but is okay.

“I asked them for a warrant,” the woman said. “I was like, ‘Hey do you have a warrant,’ and none of them answered, so I said this is not the police.”

The suspects got away with only about $300 and two cell phones.

A La Vergne officer spotted the get-away car, a silver Chevy Impala, and gave chase. The driver refused to stop, leading police across the Davidson County line.

(Courtesy: La Vergne Police Department)

Police thought the driver was trying to make a right turn when the suspects crashed.

“Let me see your hands! Put your hands where I can see them now!” one of the officers yells on the dash cam video. “They’re running. I heard one of them running in the woods.

The suspects ditched the vehicle and made a run for it. Metro police assisted La Vergne and brought out a K-9 but couldn’t find the suspects.

They are still on the run. If you have any information that could be helpful call La Vergne police at 615-793-7744 or 615-287-8667.