True class act: Titans QB Marcus Mariota issues apology to media

(AP Photo)

TEMPE, Ariz. (WKRN) – News 2 is the only local station in Arizona with the Tennessee Titans and Reporter Joe Leadingham was there when quarterback Marcus Mariota issued an apology to the media regarding a previous interview. Below are Joe’s words on the impactful situation:

Never before have I witnessed a player apologize to the media when the media was not owed one.

That changed Wednesday afternoon in Arizona when Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota made a statement in his weekly press conference to kick off the Titans first day of practice at Arizona State.

“Real quick, I want to say I am sorry for the way handled the press conference,” Mariota asid after Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals. “I know not everybody that was there is here, but I was rude and inappropriate, and I just want to say I apologize for it.”

“Wow” is all that can be said for a player that never takes credits for wins and always takes the blame for losses.

To top all of that, the guy takes endless amounts of criticism and, to be honest, probably should treat some of us in media a lot worse.

“It’s funny because I got an earful from my mom. That’s how I was raised and I appreciate you guys for understanding,” Mariota said.

No, Marcus, we appreciate you for dealing with our endless questions about how you didn’t play well and how you haven’t had the season everyone else said you should be having.

I, for one, never needed an apology and never expect you to give one again. What Mariota did today proved he is at worst a first class human being and sports star everyone should aspire to be like.

Say what you want about him from here on out, but know that when you do, he’s always winning at life.