Girls reunited with father in Texas after being taken by mother to Florida

Anthony Jordan was reunited with his daughters on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017, in Cedar Park. They had been in foster care. (KXAN Photo: Frank Martinez)

CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) — The children at the center of an unusual Child Protective Services case were returned to their father Saturday afternoon in Cedar Park, Texas.

Last month, KXAN spoke with Anthony Jordan after his wife Sarah picked up their 10-year-old daughter from Oak Hill Elementary without authorization. This triggered an abduction alert.

The couple’s three children were in court-ordered foster care because of allegations of a “dangerous situation” at home. But Anthony says that other children in a foster home were the ones mistreating his youngest daughter, so his wife fled with all three to Florida.

Sarah is still there, behind bars, awaiting next steps on a charge of “interfering with child custody.”

Anthony Jordan said he hopes she is released soon, but that right now, he’s just happy to have his girls back.

“I always knew we would be back together,” he said. “I didn’t estimate it would be this quickly, which is a blessing. But they had no allegation or backup of evidence of any abuse, and none of the kids mentioned, ever, any abuse.”

CPS told KXAN, “The CPS investigation is technically still open and because of that, I cannot comment further on the case. By state law, CPS investigations are confidential.”

Whether or not criminal charges are filed is up to law enforcement, not CPS.

The Jordans say they plan to go to Universal Studios to celebrate being back together.