NES warns customers about scammers who threaten to disconnect power

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Electric Service is warning customers as scammers continue to target customers and threaten to disconnect their power.

A NES spokeswoman said the power company tries to warn customers about this scam several times a year. A Metro police investigator added it’s a good thing because he gets complaints about this particular scam throughout the year.

“It’s a constant scam,” said Sergeant Michael Warren.

In the NES scam, someone calls and claims your power bill is late and if you don’t pay right away, your power will be shut off.

The scammers are able to spoof phone numbers and your caller ID may even display, “Nashville Electric Service.”

The scammers tell their victims to put the payment on a prepaid credit card. Some scammers have even shown up at NES customers’ front doors, though that’s not as common as the fake phone calls.

NES will not call you and ask you to make an immediate payment to avoid a disconnection. If your power is at risk of being shut off, a NES spokeswoman told News 2, you will get a notification on your bill.

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Sergeant Warren said his office gets about 150 reports of scams each week and the NES scam is always in the mix.

“Normally what makes them fall for it is people forget about it, or they hadn’t heard about it because we haven’t talked about it recently,” said Sgt. Warren.

Warren said scams like this are effective, in part, because the scammers get creative.

“They are going to adapt this NES scam and maybe they do start exploring other utilities instead of NES. I think NES is probably the one because electric is so urgent, but they’re going to modify their game, they’re going to make it more believable,” he explained.

If you receive a questionable call from someone claiming to be from NES, a company spokeswoman said it’s best to hang up.

Again, NES will never ask you for immediate payment using a prepaid card.

If you have questions about your account, call NES at 615-736-6900, or click here.