Missing trees near East Nashville greenway have residents concerned

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents who have taken the East Nashville Greenway have noticed a significant amount of trees have been cut down.

The Shelby Bottoms Resource Center said that it’s gotten calls from concerned citizens asking why large areas of the trees have been cut.

Bidens sunflowers (John Michael Cassidy)

The center said they are cutting down invasive species that threaten native plants and wildlife.

“When the species grow in, they’re losing habitat. a lot of the wildlife speicies don’t eat that vegetation, don’t use it for nesting, so it’s just not as useful,” said Shelby Bottoms Nature Center Director Denise Wyer.

Wyer said the center mows every two to five years to control invasive species.

She said the mowing provides room for fields of wildflowers to grow and the flowers help monarch butterflies pollinate and survive.

Helping Pollinating Butterflies, including Monarchs (James Fullerton)

“When we mowed that seed bank was released and we got bidens sunflowers, ironweed, fields of goldenrod. And that’s the habitat many native birds need to nest in, like goldfinches,” said Wyer.

Wyer said the war against invasive species across the country and Middle Tennesse is “a big problem” in maintaining ecosystems.