East Tenn. family says decorations returned after Grinch stole Christmas

(Courtesy: WJHL)

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- A knock at the door early Tuesday morning brought good news for a Kingsport family who had most of their Christmas decorations stolen over the weekend.

That person at the door was a Kingpsort Police officer, holding most of their stolen items that had been recovered late Monday night in Mount Carmel.

Police found the Welshimer family’s inflatable polar bear, a 1970’s vintage frosty the snowman decoration, Christmas lights, and even extension cords.

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According to Kingsport Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Tom Patton, a person who lives in Mount Carmel contacted police after seeing the story on the news.

The woman in Mount Carmel recognized the decorations, and told police they were given to her by her sister.

Tuesday morning we went back to the Welshimer home, where we found Jennifer Welshimer had already re-decorated the front yard.

Welshimer said one of the first things she did when she found out police had recovered their stolen items, was wake up her son Xavier to share the good news.

Xavier was upset after the decorations were stolen over the weekend, telling us Monday he was concerned Santa wouldn’t be able to find his house.

“He prayed to God to bring his snowman and his polar bear back, and literally I woke him up at 6 o clock this morning and his prayers had been answered and I told him, God is good, God is good,” Welshimer said.

Welshimer said she was also especially excited to have her 1970’s frosty the snowman decoration back at home, telling us it’s the decoration that means the most to her.

“I didn’t think I was going to get him back, and I was very happy to have my snowman back…so for about 15 minutes he walked around with me in my arms just like this,” Welshimer said.

Since Sunday, Welshimer said the community has also shown a great deal of support.

Monday we told you how a neighbor dropped off an inflatable Christmas bear for the Welshimer family, and she said it didn’t stop there.

“We had people come up, and bring us lights, and just wanted us to have them, candy cane lights, anything, it was so special…it’s a feeling I just can’t describe honestly, and I know it’s just Christmas decorations, but Christmas is special to me and I just want everyone to enjoy it,” Welshimer said.

As of Tuesday afternoon Kingsport Police had not identified their primary suspect, but did say charges were pending in this case.