Shoppers help Franklin police take down suspected shoplifters

(Courtesy, Franklin Police)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two men are in jail, accused of stealing more than $1,700 in perfume and cologne from the Macy’s store at the CoolSprings Galleria.

Sunday evening, two undercover officers who were working at the mall got a phone call from a member of the store’s loss prevention team.

“The call went sort of like this, we’ve got two guys in our store right now that are loading up a bag full of fine fragrances,” said Lt. Charles Warner with the Franklin Police Department.

Officers say they walked to the area and saw Chayan Fuentes from Bowling Green, Kentucky and Jorge Lugo of Madison standing at the fragrance counter. They followed them outside the mall. When police tried to stop them, the two men fought back.

“These two suspects began ferociously fighting with these two police officers that were trying to effort their arrest. Things are not looking good for the police officers,” said Lt. Warner.

Police say that’s when some nearby good Samaritans joined in the effort to help.

“This group of guys rallies around the officers and says hey, we are going to help you. What do you want us to do? Well, one of the officers says go get my handcuffs, they flew off in this fight,” he said.

A man helped bring one of the suspects to the ground and into custody. Then, a group of three men helped police arrest the other thief.

“The officers have the suspects finally into custody, and they turn around and look for these good Samaritans who have helped them out, and they left. The vanished, they were nowhere to be found,” said Lt. Warner.

Police say those men made a tremendous difference for those officers, that day.

“We can’t pretend to know how this would have turned out if they haven’t intervened but we know it would have turned out far worse than it did,” said Lt. Warner.