‘The circus is alive in Knoxville,’ says Joe Biddle of UT coaching search

(Graphic: WKRN)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sports columnist Joe Biddle had strong words Friday about the turmoil in Knoxville.

At one point, Biddle called the University of Tennessee’s coaching search “a circus.”

“It’s hard to describe because over the past 40 years being in the media business, I have never, hear me NEVER, seen anything like this on the hill, or in college football or in the NFL,” he said.

“I don’t know how it got this bad, and I don’t know who is going to fix it,” Biddle continued.

The longtime sports writer and commentator went on to say “the Ringling Brothers, you know, I thought they pitched their tents.”

“And here they landed in Knoxville, Tennessee. The circus is still alive in Knoxville,” Biddle told News 2.

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Many people think Tee Martin should be the next coach, so we asked Biddle if he thinks he would be a good fit for the job.

“I don’t think he is,” he said. “I like Tee. He was the quarterback on the national championship team. He beat Florida and Peyton Manning couldn’t, but he’s going to be the head coach somewhere.”

Biddle continued, “Now he’s on the west coast and his wife has a very lucrative job. She’s in the industry, the film industry, and I’m not sure if she would come if he came here. But he’s not ready.”

The coaching search is now being headed up by former head football coach Phillip Fulmer, who was named the new athletic director in a surprising announcement from Chancellor Beverly Davenport, who said John Currie was suspended from the role.