Ashland City man accused of impersonating cop, stealing from Walmart

Gabriel Taylor (Courtesy: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Ashland City police finally got a break in a case they’ve been investigating for almost a year.

In Walmart surveillance video, a man is seen checking out at the register with a 9mm handgun on his waist.

The man walked out, paying for his groceries but not paying for an expensive sound bar he had on the bottom of his cart.

When approached by store security, the man claimed that he was an undercover Metro police officer.

According to Ashland City Police Chief Mark Coulon, the man is neither a cop nor is he licensed to carry a weapon.

“We know he doesn’t have a permit for that gun. We don’t think he is a police officer,” said Coulon.

After almost a year, police told News 2 new information has come to light and they’ve identified the suspect as Gabriel Taylor.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Taylor was born in Ohio and claims to be a self-employed contractor.

According to his record, he’s been in and out of jail many times, most recently for domestic assault back in August in Montgomery County.

Prior to that, he was arrested by Dickson police for bad checks in 2013.

His record also said that since 2005, he has dozens of charges, mostly for fraud and writing bad checks.

The chief said the masquerade is troubling.

“I don’t appreciate people passing themselves off as police officers.”

Chief Coulon said his force is tenacious and won’t drop a case till every lead is exhausted.