Families celebrate National Adoption Day


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Katherine Rendleman was adopted as a child and always knew she would pay it forward.

“Growing up I saw the need. I saw what happened when kids weren’t adopted and they needed to be. I saw the need for permanency and felt very passionately about adopting through foster care,” said Katherine.

Katherine and her husband Daniel welcomed daughter Annabelle into their family.

As part of National Adoption Day, November 18, Annabelle’s adoption ceremony is one of more than 70 taking place across Connecticut. The Department of Children and Family Services say they oversee more than 400 adoptions each year.

“It is a lot of work but when you’re in that courtroom and you’re seeing those adoptions finalized and families giving testimonials about what the process was all about and what it was like, it’s definitely worth all the effort.

Annabelle’s journey to today started when she was just one month old.

“We got her at 4 weeks and we haven’t had her continuously since then, she went back to her mom to make a go of it and we got her back after that,” said Daniel.

She’s now one of four kids and while the Rendleman’s have their hands full their hearts have room to grow.

“There’s so many kids who need homes and once you see the effects of permanency on a child like Annabelle I think you can’t question that you’ll continue to do it,” said Katherine.

“I’m trying to pump the brakes. I’d like to stop at five or six but I don’t know how much I can control,” said Daniel.

“Daniel always said we can’t have more kids than will fit in a minivan but there’s a new minivan out that has nine seats. So, you know, we’ll see where it goes from here,” said Katherine.

Anyone interested in learning more about adoption or fostering here in Connecticut can call 1-800-KID-HERO.