Woman in shock after bullets rip through Lebanon home, nearly hit husband

(Photo: WKRN)

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LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Lebanon grandmother-of-five is still in shock after bullets ripped through her living room window, nearly hitting her husband.

Geneva Cole told News 2 she first thought someone threw a rock through her window.

She said when police arrived to her home on Nov. 8 she was surprised to learn what she thought were rocks were really bullets.

Cole said she has lived in her Lebanon trailer for three years.

Geneva Cole (Photo: WKRN)

On the evening of Nov. 8 Cole had just gone into her bedroom when she heard a pop, breaking a window. Her husband of 34 years was seated in a chair in the living room near that window.

“If they’d hit him in the head, he’d have keeled over,” she told News 2.

Lebanon police ultimately found a bullet in a lampshade beside her husband’s chair.

Cole said she heard her neighbor, an ex-con, being combative with police and saying they couldn’t go into his home.

“We [haven’t ever] had [any] trouble with him,” she said. “He was throwing a fit out there – wouldn’t let them search his home and they had to get a search warrant.”

During their investigation, police determined the shots were fired from inside Jesse Stanley’s trailer.

Jesse Stanley (Courtesy: Wilson County Sheriff’s Office)

After obtaining a search warrant, detectives found two .25 caliber handguns in a bedroom. Police said Stanley reportedly fired the weapons multiple times from inside his home while the bullets ripped through his own trailer and into the Cole’s home.

Authorities said at least two more bullets reportedly hit Stanley’s own washing machine and multiple shell casings and more than 50 rounds of ammunition were found.

While talking to officers, Stanley was reportedly agitated and combative. Police said he was inebriated at the time and reportedly said multiple times that he doesn’t care if he died on that night.

Cole told News 2 she has talked to 52-year-old Stanley since the incident. According to her, he is being evicted from his home.

“I’ve seen him. I said, ‘You almost killed my husband,’ and he said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ But sorry [doesn’t] get it,” she said.

On Tuesday when News 2 arrived to his home, a car pulling a trailer was loaded up with household belongings.

He told News 2 that he didn’t have anything to say about the incident.

Stanley has since been released on a $12,500 bond and is due in court next March.

He previously served five years in prison. In the late 80s he was convicted of first-degree burglary in Wilson County and has multiple arrests for theft, assault and drugs.