Community insight wanted on plans for former Starwood Amphitheatre

(Courtesy: Starwood Commons)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Before there was an Ascend Amphitheatre, there was Starwood.

The outdoor music venue in Antioch attracted some of the hottest musical acts around, but since it closed in 2006, the property has sat vacant.

There is a meeting Monday night hoping to get support from the community to be able to redevelop the 65-acre site.

The famous Starwood stage and other buildings have been torn down, but a new development called Starwood Commons could breathe new life into the area. Folks will be able to live, work, shop, and play without leaving home.

(Photo: WKRN)

If its news in Antioch, you can bet Clay Morgan knows about it.

“We focus on news and information said,” said editor and publisher Clay Morgan.” “Kind of our saying is, if it didn’t happen in Antioch it ain’t news.”

He has lived in Antioch for nine years, but his wife has lived here much longer and remembers Starwood Amphitheatre all too well.

“My wife talks about the concerts she saw here just right here in her backyard some of the biggest names in music,” Morgan told News 2.

Developers are hoping to change the landscape of this vacant and overgrown property with the Starwood Commons project.

The plan is for a mixed use of townhouses, single family homes, Flats above office space, retail, restaurants, and a 4-acre park, making it a walkable community.

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“It will be a real shot in the arm for Antioch,” Morgan said. “Antioch is on a bit of an upswing the last few years and this will almost be a crowing jewel.”

The music at Starwood was the draw in the late 1990s and mid-2000s.

Big name artists from Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band, Earth Wind and Fire, to Motley Crue and Coldplay performed there, just to name a few.

“Because so many people are moving to that area, we need to have more development; more development that’s going to be centered around the demographic or population that’s moving there,” said Metro Councilwoman At Large Sharon Hurt.

Hurt told News 2 Antioch is growing by leaps and bounds, and that growth will continue with the Starwood development.

“Retail and mixed-use, all of that is nice, well, and good, but we need some affordable housing,” Hurt said. “We need to have space where we are providing residential opportunities for those who can’t pay the $1,500 to $2,000 to live.”

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News 2 was told restrictions placed on a previously approved plan have prohibited the revitalization of the site. One restriction was the commercial part had to be nearly complete before the housing portion could start.

Developers will be asking the community Monday night for their support in removing those conditions.

Metro Councilwoman Antionette Lee, who represents District 33, said it boils down to what the community wants.

“We want to make sure that we don’t just put anything up for the sake of putting something here,” Lee said. “And sometimes it takes time to find a quality type thing that everybody would enjoy and be proud of and so that’s the time it has taken. It is terrible it has waited this long, and if things are not presented as I think they will be presented or if folks have some push back it may have to wait a little longer.”

Besides developers, representatives from Metro are at the meeting to answer any questions or concerns residents may have.