Dickson police: Man leads officers on chase, climbs roof to avoid arrest

Carl Keel (Courtesy: Dickson Police Department)

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dickson police and members of the 23rd Judicial Task Force arrested a man on a rooftop after a dangerous chase through residential streets.

It all went down Tuesday on Halloween in the middle of the day.

The dash camera of Officer Dustin Hargrove shows chase winding through narrow streets as he and another officer help the drug agents, who are directly behind the suspect.

“The guy ran several stop signs and headed into downtown Dickson,” said Chief Jeff Lewis with Dickson police.

The squad cars were hot on the trail of Carl Keel, a man who reportedly decided to drive off to avoid a traffic stop.

At this point, though, officers didn’t know who he was or what his intentions were as Keel continued through Dickson streets.

The 37-year-old eventually bailed from his car and went into a family member’s home on Church Street, authorities told News 2.

Dickson police officers arrived in full force with their guns drawn.

On body cam, you can hear officers shout the back door is barricaded. Initially, it’s unclear where Keel is and whether or not he is armed.

News 2 spoke with Jessica Spencer, who owns the house. Keel is her husband’s cousin, she said.

“He went upstairs. I swear, it was like a Denzel Washington movie,” Spencer explained. “I was thinking, ‘Oh, ****, what has he done?”

Spencer said moments later, Dickson officers had surrounded her home.

“And I have an AR-15 and two 9’s in my face, and I’m like, Oh…’ and [they said], ‘Anyone in your house?’” she said.

Spencer continued, “He went out the window, onto the and running cross the roof. It was pretty like an action movie.”

Carl Keel (Courtesy: Dickson Police Department)

Tensions run high as officers armed with AR-15s and handguns train their weapons to the roof where the suspect is reportedly now running.

“Show me your hands! Put your hands up!” the officers shout.

At one point, Keel was dangling from the roof. The chief told News 2 they though he may jump.

Several minutes later, Keel was taken into custody without further incident. He’s ultimately charged with numerous crimes, including possession of drug paraphernalia, evading arrest, and reckless endangerment.

The chief says he never remembers an arrest like this one.

“I don’t know if I ever have and I have been here since 1988,” Chief Lewis noted.

Keel declined an interview with News 2. Police say they were initially pulling him over for a seat belt violation and because the Texas plates on his car didn’t match the vehicle.