What the Tech? – App to help keep everyone safe on Halloween night

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a different world than from when most parents Trick-or-Treated as kids.

There are creeps out there you don’t want your kids to come near.

Knock on the wrong door and they could come face-to-face with a registered sex offender.

But this app, Life 360 can help you avoid those people.

Life 360 is a family protection app that keeps family members and friends in contact with one another.

When it’s installed on every phone, parents can see where their kids are on a map….down to the street. Even down to the house.

If someone in your group needs help, they can check in with a quick tap on the screen to notify everyone on the list with an instant text message.

Their location is displayed on your screen. You can see what this could mean on Halloween night.

It also helps everyone avoid homes of registered sex offenders.

The app shows those homes on the map, marked by a small dot. Tap one and you’ll see a photo of the registered offender, their address, age and what they were charged with.

The information comes from the National Sex Offender Registry.

Depending where you live, you can also see areas where recent crimes have been committed.

Parents can also set up a trick-or-treat safe zone. Part of the neighborhood you know is okay.

If a child walks out of that zone, you get an alert and you can see their location on a map.

Life 360 works with both iPhone and Android devices so if some members of your family have iPhones and others have android devices they can stay in touch with one another.