What the Tech? Don’t be surprised by iTunes update

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE (WKRN) – Apple is dealing with criticism for pulling the plug on a popular feather.

You may want to hold off on updating your iPhone.

Apple’s latest iTunes update removed the app store. This may not be a big deal for some, but it is for

Many times you might run across a link to an app on a website or blog. You could click it, and
download the app to your computer and install it later on your phone or iPad.

With the recent update, you now can only download the app from your device. Before you could sync all of your apps by connecting your phone to iTunes. now…you can only do it from the device.

The new iTunes shows only music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audio books.

Your ringtones aren’t in iTunes any longer and your iTunes U content has been moved to the
podcast section of iTunes.

If you want to look for an app in the App Store, you can only do it through the updated App
Store app on your phone or tablet. You’ll see it but only if after you update to ios 11.

It’s Apple’s move to make iTunes all about tunes. Apple posted the changes with the new
iTunes store, but a lot of folks didn’t see it before it was too late.

This change also will prevent people from installing old apps that aren’t available in the App
Store any longer.

Again, not a huge deal for everybody. but it is for folks who’ve been using the app store on their

Apple has released an update to remedy the issue for people who are most upset, but it’s a
version that’s difficult to install and won’t be supported by Apple.

If you really must have your apps available on your computer, hold off as long as you can before
updating to the latest version of iTunes.

Apple says you can still add ringtones or apps stored on your computer.

There’s an Apple support website with how to do all of that: Click here.