TNReady data shows Nashville students behind in English, reading, science

(Photo: WKNR)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – TNReady data released Wednesday shows elementary and middle school students in Nashville are behind in English, reading and science.

According to the data, only about 25 percent of those students are reading at a level deemed proficient by the state.

When it comes to science, 42 percent of students are on track with the nation-wide standard.

Overall, scores throughout the state are lower than in previous years.

There have been ongoing issues with the TNReady tests. The state changed vendors after being unable to administer online tests in 2016.

Last year, under new vendor Questar, the tests were graded incorrectly.

Tennessee Democrats gathered to voice their frustrations a short time ago.

“We can’t hold students and teachers accountable when our own testing officials and Questar Company they’ve obtained have failed,” Rep. Rick Staples said.

“How do we move forward now that test scores are inaccurate and we’re using that to judge how we teach our children,” Rep. Craig Fitzhugh said. “Once again, children in the inner city and urban areas, lower-middle class to poor are being misrepresented again by faulty test scores.”

He continued, “Our children are at stake….it is so important we get this right and we frankly haven’t done it.”

The Department of Education has not said if it will change vendors for this year’s testing or what changes will be put in place to prevent future problems.

Republican lawmakers have not commented yet.