2 injured in 2-alarm fire at South Nashville apartment complex

(Courtesy: Nashville Fire Department)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man, woman and dog are being treated after a fire at a South Nashville apartment building Wednesday.

Several apartment units are gutted.

The saddest part for some residents is that their pets were inside.

“There were huge flames coming out of the roof of the building, so I’m sure people lost everything in that building. So I pray for them today and I pray for their animals,” Opal Persha told News 2.

Persha also said firefighters rescued people off of their balconies, and kicked down doors to rescue a number of animals.

“There was no leashes or collars so they asked people to go get leashes and collars and my daughter went and got one for him so I’m his caretaker until his mom gets here,” she said.

She says her neighbor’s dog Fridolph is one of the lucky ones, but others weren’t so lucky.

“There is a dog down there with severe burns in a crate,” said Persha.

Other neighbors told News 2 they saw that dog run out of the burning building.

“She definitely fought her way out and she was running out here by herself, so she got out on her own,” said Ryan Patsch.

News 2 was there as one man returned home, thinking he lost his best friend. Then moments later, his dog ran out of his apartment.

According to fire officials, everyone was able to escape, but two people had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Investigators know where the fire originated, but are still trying to figure out how it started.

They also said all of the animals inside the building when the fire started have now been accounted for.

One of them is being treated for burns.